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Liquid Royal Jelly
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Highest Quality
Liquid Royal Jelly

Our founder, Mr Leonard Brown has travelled the world in search for the finest Royal Jelly. He has dealt directly with the Royal Jelly producers to ensure the best possible quality. We buying this Royal Jelly in bulk, we can offer you exceptional value.

Mr Brown has been taking Shanshui Royal Jelly for many years and is now 96 and exceptionally healthy and young for his age. He wants everyone to experience the remarkable natural health giving properties of Shanshui Royal Jelly.

Our Royal Jelly can be purchased from our online shop in two forms (with or without Gingseng) and two concentrations (60 day or 24 day).

Emu Oil

We also have a limited quantity of Emu Oil. Extracted from the feathers of Emus and used by the Aborigines and athletes in many countries it can be rubbed into limbs to relieve pain naturally. It is recommended for Arthritis, Strained Ligaments & Muscle Pain.

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Top Quality Liquid Royal Jelly

Shanshui Royal Jelly is a high quality liquid Royal Jelly produced in a very secluded area and packaged in a way that allows it to be taken effectively and sold much cheaper than any other of like quality.

It is presently available in two forms and two concentrations from our online shop.

Why Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is well named, having been taken by Royalty and other top people long before it was made commercially viable.

It could well be called The Elixir of Life.

This is because Royal Jelly is the motherís milk of bees and as such contains extracts of their food - nectar which replicates everything in a wide range of plants.

However most Royal Jelly now being sold is not as good as it should be.

Does the location of the source matter?

Commercial pressures compel farmers to use dangerous fertilisers, highly toxic pesticides and growth hormones.

The hives producing Shanshui Royal Jelly are located in an area with abundant natural flora that is not within bee flying distance of commercial farms.

Our Royal Jelly is therefore top quality, containing all the natural health-giving ingredients that grow in this climate.

How should Royal Jelly be Taken?

Natural health giving vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other trace elements should not be swallowed in capsules or as pills, as they must then go through the various stages of the digestive system, each of which will destroy some of their effectiveness.

We are told to chew food thoroughly because it makes it easier to digest, but this is the lesser importance. The major reason is that this enables our saliva to dissolve the many soluble vitamins etc in good food and transmit them directly into our blood stream through tiny capillaries in the mouth.

Royal Jelly should therefore be taken in sips through small straws so as to enable the user to gain full benefit.

Why Use Natural Products

It is increasingly being recognised that manufactured purified pharmaceuticals are making us old, infirm, and increasingly dependent. They are now producing new diseases for which they have no cure. Normal diseases endemic to our climate are now more deadly than ever before.

Bacteria and fungi can become resistant to purified Man-made medications in a few weeks or months

They cannot become however become resistant to truly natural medications since these have far too many ingredients which vary in quantity and are constantly improving naturally.


Top quality Royal Jelly has the unique property of having indefinite shelf life if it is mixed with pure honey diluted with distilled or pure spring water and enclosed in a sealed glass container.